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Beware! Stay Alert and Don’t Fall for These Scammers Again

Recently, we have noticed an increasing number of scammers impersonating employees of MinersKing on various social media platforms, using our company’s information for fraudulent activities. These scammers utilize MinersKing’s materials and product videos to promote false information and prices, and…

Be Careful! Important notice from MinersKing!

Recently, MinersKing’s sales manager had their Telegram account hacked, which subsequently led to the hijacking of MinersKing’s official channel. The hacker expelled company members from the channel and took control. Moreover, the hacker used the sales manager’s account to engage…

MinersKing Takes Center Stage at WDMS 2023 in Hong Kong

In September 2023, a team of MinersKing’s international trade department attended the two-day WDMS 2023 exhibition organized by Bitmain in Hong Kong. The exhibition was highly anticipated, attracting participants from all around the world. Attendees included virtual currency experts, renowned mining…

Why people always trust and choose MinersKing?

Established in 2011, MinersKing is a prominent Chinese mining machine supplier with a highly skilledteam and extensive industry expertise. We prioritize delivering exceptional preducts and services to theelectronies and mining sectors. Through partnerships with industry leaders like Bitmain, MicroBT, Canaan,and more, we offer a diverse range of…