Comparing Antminer S21 and T21: Choosing the Right Bitcoin Mining Machine

As the most popular Bitcoin mining machines on the market, the Antminer S21 and T21 have become the top choices for Bitcoin miners. However, many miners are still hesitant between the two models because of their different specifications, and they are unsure which one is the right fit for them. Therefore, the MinersKing team has prepared this article to compare the Antminer S21 and Antminer T21 in various aspects, helping you find the most suitable mining machine model.



Антмайнер S21  

Antminer S21 series consists of three models: 200T, 195T, and 188T, all of which boast an impressive efficiency of 17.5J/T. A significant upgrade for this model is the adoption of the P13-C20 power cord, which can operate within a voltage range of 220V to 277V. This means that the S21 not only provides high performance but also allows for direct plug-in usage. It’s worth noting that this feature was not available in previous Bitmain models, highlighting the increasing user-friendliness of the S21 for miners.

Antminer T21

Antminer T21 has a hash rate of 190T and a standard energy efficiency of 19J/T, requiring a higher voltage range of 380V to 415V. It uses the P33-P33 power cord and requires a specialized PDU for operation. The unique feature of the T21 is the HEM mode, which, under optimal conditions (operating temperatures below 30°C), can boost the hash rate to 230T while increasing power efficiency to 22J/T. The ability to overclock is also a deciding factor for many miners.

Key Differences

Efficiency: The S21 has higher efficiency, making it a better choice for miners who are particularly concerned about electricity costs.

Voltage Requirements: The T21 has higher voltage requirements and requires a specific PDU interface, which may pose a challenge for some miners, especially those who don’t have access to industrial-grade power setups.

Cost and Performance: The S21 tends to have a higher market price, while the T21 is generally more cost-effective. Additionally, the T21 offers the advantage of automatic overclocking, allowing for increased profitability without the need for power supply upgrades.


Antminer T21 is more suitable for professional miners who can meet its higher electrical setup requirements and benefit from its overclocking capabilities. If you are a home miner, we would recommend choosing Antminer S21 because of its lower power consumption, compatibility with residential voltage, and ease of installation.

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